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Type Fast

Type Fast allows the user to learn fast typing on the computer by playing
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Type Fast is an easy to use program. Being a set of 3 games, it allows the user to learn fast typing on the computer. To tell the truth, currently it uses only english alphabet.
Because usually this task is very annoying and boring, there
emerged an idea to write the program in a game mode.
This means that you learn by playing.
The following versions of the game are available:
Drop Down - the words fall from above, like in the Tetris game.
The second game is Fast Run - try to type the word, while the
drawn man did not cross the screen. And the thrid
game is Get Fly - the words fly up, moving to different sides.
For each typed word you get one point. Use the button "BackSpace"
for deleting wrong letters. The speed of the movements is growing constantly.
The game will end when the words will reach the upper or lower levels, or when the drawn man will cross the display three times sequentially.
With the time you will have the ability to type fast. Demo game has only 5 words. The full game has 1630 words and a possibility to add new words, full support and the lifetime free upgrading.

Anastasia Spiridonova
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  • Easy and Fun to Use
  • Three game modes
  • Learn by playing


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